Keep Digging

by Ricky Riot

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Disasters are only for folks on distant farms
Our cows get fatter, there's no cause for alarm
But hey, we give them jobs, unlike those people we stole
To make things like shoes and shirts and phones
I don’t care how much you grow, you’re not feeding more bodies
Means of survival are mere commodities
But we must spread democracy, you see we have good intentions
And wars produce good inventions

But your tap is not on fire there’s no harm
And your house ain’t underwater there’s no harm
All the surfaces are colonized, the new frontiers are the insides
Keep digging, there’s no cause for alarm

Whatever’s good for business makes us smarter
After we kill for oil next can be water
Ancient creatures underground, you're digging up their graves
They're pissed off and it's revenge they crave
For extracting and burning all of their remains
To fuel your factories and fly your planes
And they're plotting an uprising, they're increasing diseases
Flourescent lightbulbs will not appease them

Cuz we’re already talking about how to be adaptive
And there are plenty of poor and plenty of captives
That Elijah’s bare feet are cut up and callused
Trying to catch up, tripping on his tallis
And you’re still moving poverty like a stupid magic trick
Wont’ make it disappear, what did you think
And it still looks the same from your air conditioned office
Till we shut it down, your holes in the ground won’t stop us


released March 27, 2015
Ricky Riot (Itai Gal) : lyrics, music, piano, vocals, recording.




Ricky Riot Boston, Massachusetts

Ricky Riot (who is actually going by Itai these days) played in the former band Schmekel. (, the world's only all-trans schtick-rock band. Now, he writes about overthrowing capitalism and the patriarchy. Look out for the budding project Klezmermaid, recordings coming soon! ... more

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